Monday, 15 August 2011

Nail'd Game PC (Crack & Keygen)

Nail'd was realsed in 11/30/2010. It is  availble for PC/Xbox/PS3. This is an off-road racing game in which players drive ATVs and motorbikes on outdoor tracks. As players navigate the rugged terrain, they have the ability to push other opponents off the tracks, causing them to crash. Some crashes are highlighted by slow-motion camera effects and explosions.

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This Game is for all the game lovers. But most for the off-rode bike and racing lovers.
Nail'd is, in a word, extreme. In this off-road racing game, you share the sky with jumbo jets, leap over speeding trains, and ride along platforms suspended in the air by helicopters. These experiences do provide some adrenaline-drenched excitement, but Nail’d is not a white-knuckle racer where your every move is crucial. Loose physics and the inconsistent way your vehicle reacts to collisions with the environment make Nail'd more of a passive and often frustrating experience where you're just along for the ride. A weak boost system and speedy but strangely unconvincing visuals put an additional damper on the excitement.
Nail'd is built for speed. The forests, mountains, caverns, and rock formations you race around and through are beautiful, and when you hold down the accelerator, the scenery flies past you at an alarming rate. This sense of speed certainly grabs your attention, but there's something about it that feels off, as if you're watching recorded footage being played back on fast-forward rather than actually moving insanely fast. This artificial quality is unnerving and makes you feel oddly removed from the action. Your feelings about the soundtrack will depend on whether you appreciate the hard rock stylings of bands like Slipknot and Queens of the Stone Age, but they fit well with the premise.

Here is a Trailer of Nail'd.

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